Who we are

Founding Team (circa 2002): From left to right: Cotton Rohrscheib, Joel Kunert, Dale Green Tice, David Maier and Lucas Kunert (not pictured).

Utility Media was founded circa 2002 by Joel Kunert and David Maier of the small resort community of Fairfield Bay, AR. Both Joel and David had passions for technology and were pioneers of developing commercial ventures using the power of the internet. A few months later, Dale Green Tice implemented standard accounting practices and Cotton Rohrscheib joined the team as Chief Web Developer working night and day to stay ahead of demand for websites. In the early days, every new hosting customer had to have a website developed from scratch. Some of those static sites that Cotton developed are still in existence today! Lucas Kunert later joined the team taking over database administrative duties from Joel. LONGEVITY: To keep our history in perspective, recall that GOOGLE and YAHOO only started a few years prior to us and Facebook did not start until two years after Utility Media was already hosting it’s 200th domain. It was truly uncharted territory and an incredibly fun time to be in the internet business! In 2010, Co-Founder, Joel Kunert sold his shares to David Maier, but remains an active Utility Media Alumnus as well as a highly respected Senior I.T. Professional in Central Arkansas.

The Utility Media team today consists of Blake Dickenson, Lauren Lambert, Marty & David Maier and the dedicated partner support teams at Rackspace.com and Register.com.